Rodney Goddard Aller
October 16, 1916 - March 21, 2005

Gallery II

Thu, 10 Feb 2005

Dear Sarah:  Thank you so much. I have been greatly enjoying the picture of me and my youngest grandson lost in the challenge of getting an angleworm on a hook. Could be we have the making of a fisherman in at least one of the family.

     We are having the January thaw in February but it could mean a melting of the snow and a refreeze of the lake to give us some skating and iceboating. I hope to take you out on the lake for a spin someday. It can be surprisingly rapid, hairy and fun. Do you ever get to try surfing on Waikiki? I did and found it not all that easy. I like to think of you as having a fun-filled life as well as a challenging one.  Lots of love -   Grandfather.   



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